Loving You - Plant Soak Herbal Wellness Soak - Ships February 5th


Loving You - Plant Soak Herbal Wellness Soak - Ships February 5th


Indulge someone you love (or yourself!) with an enchanted soak with plants known especially for conjuring up love of all kinds.  Our most magical and passion laced formulation ever, specially mixed just in time for Valentine's Day. With damiana, hibiscus, hawthorn leaf & flower, hawthorn berries, cacao nibs, and wood betony. This hand blended formulation supports the physical and emotional heart and enhances the magical spirit of love.* [Subtly aromatic] Limited quantities available. Order by February 8th for guaranteed Valentine's Day delivery.

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Below are all five of our main line of herbalist crafted organic/wildcrafted loose leaf herbal wellness soaks:

Enjoy the health supporting qualities of a traditional mineral bath in your own tub. Give your body the boost it needs by nourishing your cells with essential nutrients and minerals while you soak. BUY NOW

Breathe in the healing goodness of aromatic plants as you soak them in. This bath is intentionally formulated to support your respiratory system and sinuses to help you breathe easy. BUY NOW

Take refuge from the stress and strain of everyday life. Absorb the the calming influence of the plants with this hand selected blend of relaxing and aromatic herbs. Intentionally formulated to support your nervous system, just what you are seeking in those times when you need to unwind. BUY NOW

Sometimes your immune system needs a bit of a boost. Soak your weary body In times when you feel run down and this herbal formula will provide support to your immune system and helping you get back to yourself again. BUY NOW

Maintaining our vitality is proving more difficult for many as more and more impurities find their way into our environment and our bodies. Our body is constantly managing and filtering impurities. When it is overloaded, however, this may leave us feeling tired or out of balance.  This herbal formula provides support to the body's organs of detoxification and assists the natural detoxification process. BUY NOW

Includes Nourishing formula and one formula of your choice with a one quart stainless steel French press. BUY NOW


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